About MBS Healing Temple

Our Story

Benefits of working with us

Break the chains that hold you back from reaching your full potential, achieve your goals & create a new sense of purpose.
Nurture and improve existing relationships. Harness and identify core issues, blocked energies, limiting beliefs and programs which hold you back. Free your life force for greater health, vitality, connection and well-being.

Experience profound transformational healing as the many layers of imbalances and programs are cleared and healed.

  • Reiki 80% 80%
  • Tarot 60% 60%
  • Numerology 50% 50%
  • Angel Therapy 90% 90%

Chief Mentor

The Mind Body & Soul Healing Temple was founded with a purpose to enable you to Be Inspired and Live Empowered through Coaching, Counselling, Healing and Awareness, to enable you to reach your goals and live your full life potential: Our aim is to inspire you to rise to live the life you’ve always wanted, increasing your confidence to make steps towards positive change.  Be seen, met and heard in a sacred and confidential space where you are free to be who you are, just as you are. Be open to any and all possibilities as you work through the core issues holding you back and achieve the goals you want to reach. Receive valuable insights into your life, as you release blocks to positive living and breakthrough resistances and programmes which hold you back, preventing you from really being free. Shatter the illusions of doubt and fear as you create a new direction with clarity and focus.

Dr. Richa Chawla will help you in need of Coaching, Counselling or Healing to achieve your goals, break through limiting beliefs, heal your heart, increase your confidence and self esteem, or To Transform and Be Transformed you can. When you choose Hope, anything is possible.