Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Reiki healing help me?

Reiki healing provides you with energy, so that you can deal with the negative forces within and around your being.

Several people have benefitted tremendously with Reiki. Ailments like common cold, sinusitis, muscular pain, arthritis, diabetes, sciatica, and even diseases like cancer and AIDS have at times been cured.

Apart from healing physically, Reiki also benefits the person emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki can be sent to improve relationships with someone, for help in official/ legal matters, events such as marriages, parties, functions, and other such things.

A Reiki healer simply provides you with the energy to help you, but it is ultimately upto you to help yourself. If you subconsciously do not want to heal, nothing can help, not even Reiki. For this reason, no healer promises or guarantees results to a patient.

Levels of Reiki

Also called ‘degrees’, there are primarily three levels in Reiki.

The First level is called proximity modality healing, and after getting attuned to this level, the healer has to be physically near a patient to be able to heal him/ her.

The Second level enables a healer to send Reiki across time and space. By time, we mean that Reiki can be sent to past or future events, for eg. a hurtful event in the past, or an interview in the future. By space, we mean that the patient could be half-way across the world from the healer, and still receive Reiki healing. Time and space do not limit Reiki.

The Third level is often split into three parts – Master Healer, Master (also called Teacher) and Grandmaster. A Master Healer has reached the highest level of Reiki healing. A Reiki Teacher/ Master can teach degrees 1 and 2 to others, and a Grandmaster can teach all the Reiki degrees.

Is Reiki scientifically proven?

There are a number of reputable scientific studies that provide evidence that Reiki is therapeutic. These studies can be found by using one of the professional medical databases such as PubMed or Cochrane Collection. Studies meeting medical and scientific standards are usually published in peer-reviewed journals. There are over 20 such studies on the therapeutic value of Reiki.

How will Reiki cure my diseases? How long will it take?

When you receive reiki treatment, Reiki starts working at the root causes. The real cause of our diseases are almost always based in some emotional turbulence, either recent or long-standing. Systems which remove the illness physically, will rarely have long-lasting effects, as the emotional cause is still prevalent.

Reiki starts working at the disease bottom-up, approaching the root cause first. Because of this, it sometimes takes a little time to show effect. There are instances, however, in which sensitive patients benefitted from Reiki treatments immediately and experienced relief.

What will I feel when I receive Reiki healing?

A reiki healing experience is as wide and varied as there are people. One might see colours, feel warm or cold, feel some form of vibrations, shiver, hear voices, or even feel nothing at all. The experience depends on the level of sensitivity of the person receiving healing. If you didn’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t receive reiki – it just means that you aren’t sensitive enough to detect energy, or probably don’t know how to identify it yet.

Children tend to be the most sensitive, followed by women and then men. Sensitivity to energy reduces with age, although it can be redeveloped later in life.

What kind of problems can Reiki solve?

If it is a problem, Reiki can help. From common colds to diabetes, from lawsuits to finding parking slots, Reiki is helpful everywhere. Whether you are sick or depressed, or simply want to repair a strained relationship, Reiki can help. It helps bring anger in control, helps introverts talk, and even helps maintain your calm during exams and make the best of your memory!

Will Reiki definitely cure me?

Just as in allopathy or any other medical system, Reiki does not guarantee any cure. The speed and magnitude of the healing depends on the patient’s subconscious desire to heal himself. While on the one hand there have been miraculous recoveries, there are also occasional cases where there is either negligible improvement, or an improvement that the patient refuses to acknowledge.

What if I get too much of energy?

There is no such thing as ‘too much reiki’ or too much energy. Reiki is an intelligent energy, and it works at energising and balancing the chakras of the patient. Once the energy requirement of the patient is fulfilled, reiki stops flowing, thereby eliminating any chances of charging someone with ‘too much energy’.

I am under medication for my ailment, can I still take Reiki treatment?

Reiki does not interfere with any medical system, or even other alternative therapies. It increases the immunity of the patient and helps to reduce the side effects of medicines. It can be used along with any other system, whether allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and others.

Are there any side effects of Reiki?

There are no side effects of Reiki, as Reiki is a non-intrusive method. As mentioned above, Reiki is an intelligent energy and only that much is given to a patient as much is required. Aside from the fact that some patients feel so relaxed that they feel sleepy, it has no side effects at all.

Do I need to believe in Reiki to get healed?

Reiki is not faith healing, and no faith or belief in the system is required to get cured.

Will Reiki bring a dying patient back to life?

If the person is destined to have a miraculous recovery and reclaim his life, then yes, Reiki will work. However in most cases, Reiki calms the patient and eases the process of death. Reiki will never prevent or postpone death, but it makes the process much easier, and brings peace of mind to the person in question.

Can Reiki help victims of black magic?

Yes. Reiki offers protection against all kinds of negative energies, including the effects of black magic. Reiki can also protect you against harmful spirits.

Can I learn Reiki on the internet? Are there any books which can teach me Reiki?

There are several books and online articles on Reiki, but you need more than just theoretical knowledge to learn Reiki.

Becoming a Reiki channel involves the opening of your chakras (the energy centers of your body) so that you can channel energy through your body and pass it on to others. For this purpose, you need to learn reiki in the presence of a qualified teacher.

What is the difference between a 'healing' and an 'attunement'?

When you receive a Reiki healing, you are being given energy by a healer. The energy transferred to you during one healing session typically lasts for 24 hours from the time given, unless specified otherwise.

When you receive an attunement, the teacher opens your chakras and makes you capable of receiving energy from the universe all by yourself, so that you do not have to depend on anyone else for your energy needs.

Do distant attunements work?

Distant attunements do work, although we strongly recommend in-person attunements. Many people have felt the effects of reiki after distant attunements, and some have even felt the energy flow through their hands. However, the magnitude of energy that can be channelled after distant attunements is lesser than after attunements performed in person, because they are less powerful. Try it, and you’ll know!