Angel Therapy

An Angel is a messenger of God. In other words, they are our friends, just a call away. The reason I say ‘just a call away’ is because as per the ‘Law of free will’ the angels cannot help us or intervene in our lives without our consent. In simple words, we have to ask them for support, guidance and blessing. We do not pray or worship the angels. To seek help from angels, all you have to do is think about them or just visualize them. We all have our own personal guardian angels given to us before birth to guide us and make our lives blissful. We have to call upon them and connect with them for Divine guidance. Working with angels give us opportunity to develop wisdom, strengthen self-understanding and overcome obstacles by connecting to our inner light.Angel Therapy is a powerfully effective and safe healing modality that helps you release fears or other emotional blocks, receive guidance about your life purpose and other issues and heal your body and life. The guardian angels and archangels who surround you right now and always are governed by the Universal Law of Free Will, which states that they can’t intervene in your life unless you give them the permission. The Angels are the non denominational beings always guiding you for your Highest and best of benefits in your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We have designed this two days workshop with intense connection with Angels and allow you to connect with them and heal yourself quickly & safely.

Two Days Workshop Includes

Study Manual

Angel Numbers

Energy Ball Making

Pendulum Dowzing with Angelic Healing

Halo colors of Archangels

Introduction to Angels : who or what are Angels

How do Angels function

The God consciousness

Understanding the Realm of Angels

Connecting with Angels

Channels of Divine connections

Archangels and connecting with them

Angel healing for the chakras ( major seven chakras to be healed beautifully with the Angels)

Angel meditations for healing

Connecting with Angels with Oracle Cards Reading It’s a beautiful world of Angels which will give you an Insight to understand the Abundance that Universe holds for us and is ready to shower on us. We just have to open ourselves to receive and the Universe takes care as our own parents does.