Magnified Healing

All Courses of Magnified Healing stated below are of 2 Days duration.

Most of the people are stuck in their lives. They can be stuck in relationships, money, health, work, or can be anything. Do you know why people are stuck in their lives? The answer is because of their negative karmas. “AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP”. Karmas can be from our past lives or from our present life. At each and every moment, we create karma but we don’t know how to redeem them? Magnified healing helps in healing those negative karmas and life blocks and helps in leading a peaceful life and also opens ways for the ascension of a soul. Magnified healing is a precious gift to human beings and an opportunity to heal their negative karmas, so that they can lead a happy and healthy life. This is a workshop with “Kwan yin” the Buddhist goddess of unconditional love and mercy. Kwan yin is a Chinese name. It means “one who hears the cries of people”. Being one of the “mother” goddesses, she is especially connected to those in need of any kind of help, be they sick, lost, frightened or simply in unfortunate circumstances. She is the great protector, benefactor of the weak, the ill and especially the children and the babies. She guards the souls of the newly born and guides them to their new parents. About magnified healing: The healing was first introduced on earth in 1983. Previously it was used only in higher dimensions by ascended masters to assist them, masters on earth and for mankind under special divine purpose. In 1992, under the direct intervention and inspiration of Kwan yin, Magnified healing of the god most high of the universe was brought forth into its expanded form for the spiritual advancement of humanity and the earth. Sessile and Kathryn were told about the process of this healing. It establishes a constant flow of energy from your heart to the source and down at the crystal diamond in the center of the earth. Magnified healing is the name chosen by goddess Kwan yin. This healing is created and magnified with god, hence the name magnified healing of the god high most of the universe.

This healing helps in healing karmas and life blocks. We acknowledge Kwan Yin for bringing this healing technique to Earth, and constantly substaining each of us and Magnified Healing with her loving presence.