Richa Ma’am — Thank you for your beautiful, incredibly effective Reiki training. I got so much out of your teachings. Since the training I have been calmer and more able to handle everyday stresses. I feel more confident about my work than I have ever felt, it is quite incredible, actually!

Sumanta Kumar Patel

It was a good experience and I understood that we can use the universal energy for progress in our life and make our life happy. Richa mam has good knowledge and her teaching methodology is good.

Riyanka Dey Das

I am very thankful to my God that I met such a wonderful teacher. She is not only a good teacher but she is a wonderful human begin. She teaches with full care and guidance every time. I am very pleased to learn from her and look forward to learn more in future.

Dr. Shivnath Aghor Pir

I am an astrologer and Tantra master by profession. I am connected with madam since 5 yrs. I am blessed by higher self to get such teacher. She taught me Violet Flame Reiki G.M, Tarot (basic and advance) and Lamafera Reiki. I am happy to be a part of Healing Temple.

Shubro Chakraborty

It was pleasant experience of Tarot Card reading. Predictions were correct and the guidelines she gave on basis of readings were excellent.

Ghazal Beria

Richa ma’am has been godsend for us. Her guidance has helped us overcome the negativity in our lives. In the true sense, mentor and guide. Please do consult her.

Ayushi Ahuja

The experience was wonderful. My session was profound on many levels. The practitioner was warm and approachable. It was comforting to just talk to her. If you are looking for healing on the physical plane and beyond, this is highly recommended!

Arminder kaur

Richa Mam is an amazing teacher…very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. You not only learn different healing techniques but also create a lifelong bond with her.